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5 Tips on How to Make Love with a Trans Girl

Back in the day, people were not able to date gay and transgender individuals without being judged and publically shamed. Today, however, our society is much more liberal when it comes to this sensitive topic. Nowadays, you can easily find a hot TS date and start a romantic and intimate affair with them. Yes, finding them is easy, but engaging in a sexual relationship with these individuals is a very different challenge. That’s why we’re going to share 5 useful tips with you on how to make sweet love with a trans girl.

Respect Your Partner During Sex

One of the most important aspects of intercourseis mutual respect. And when you’re having sex with a transgender girl, you have to know that these ladies tend to be quite sensitive and self-conscious about their appearance. They’ve been bullied and mocked many times, so if you want your partner to feel comfortable during sex, you have to respect them in bed.

Compliment Your Partner’s Body

As we said, transgender girls can often feel quite insecure when it comes to the intimate parts of their body. Considering their transformation, this is perfectly understandable. Therefore, if you want them to have a wonderful sexual experience with you, make sure you admire their body. Show them how much you like them and be vocal about it, too. Don’t be shy to say which part of their body turns you on the most.

Suggest Anal Sex

Some transgender girls out there, especially those who are not done with their transformation and sex reassignment surgeries, are not comfortable with using their private parts during intercourse. If your partner has the same problem, feel free to suggest anal sex. Of course, there are many people who are not comfortable with this type of intercourse, but anal sex is the only type of sex that doesn’t have anything to do with gender. Every person out there has an anus and playing with this part of the body can make anyone cum. So if your companion does not want you to touch their private parts, you can make them cum by engaging in playful anal sex.

Always Listen to Your Partner

Talking about certain sexual preferences before sex is very important, but you should listen to your partner during the intercourse as well. The main reason why you need to do this is that your partner might change their mind during sex. For example, they might have agreed to do something before sexbut changed their mind once they got into bed. These things happen, so you must never insist on something your lover doesn’t want to do.

Communicate and Try Different Positions

Sex is all about the communication. If something doesn’t feel right, you have to change it. So, if you or your lover feel uncomfortable with a certain position, say it out loud and try a different one. Trying many different positions in bed will help you to find the one that both of you will enjoy.


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